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Prom - by Janet's Floral Creations

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Wrislet Corsage [534448332]
Glittered Blue-Dyed Rose Boutonnière [3852939012]
Tulip Boutonnière [4106545953]

Two Corsages [3747028309]
Shoulder Corsage [4188807482]
White Rose Boutonnière [416963940]

Spray Orchid Boutonnière [607013302]
Rose Corsage [JF-013]
Four Boutonnière [922196786]

Pink And Brown Boutonnière [957819149]
3 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-3B]
5 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-4B]

Boutonniere [tw60-1]
7 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-5B]
Boutonniere [tw60-4]

Boutonniere [tw60-5]
Spicy Orange Roses Corsage [TF161-8B]
Purple Paradise Wristlet [TF161-9B]

Boutonniere [tw60-6]
Boutonniere [tw61-1]
Red-Hot Roses Wristlet [TF161-7B]

Boutonniere [tw61-2]
Songs of the Heart Wristlet [TF162-1B]
Mixed Whites Wristlet [TF162-2B]

Boutonniere [tw61-3]
Boutonniere [tw61-5]
Lavender Roses Wristlet [TF162-3B]

Spring Sensation Wristlet [TF162-4B]
Boutonniere [tw61-6]
Boutonniere [tw61-7]

Purple Passion Wristlet [TF162-5B]
White Orchid and Roses Wristlet [TF162-6B]
Pink Orchid Wristlet [TF162-7B]

Cool Blues Wristlet [TF162-8B]
Sweet Pastels Wristlet [TF162-9B]

Ruby Romance Bracelet [TF164-1B]
Sunshine and Roses Bracelet [TF164-2B]
June Gardens Bracelet [TF164-3B]

Fuchsia Orchids Wristlet [TF164-5B]
Beads and Red Roses Wristlet [TF165-1B]
Exotic Orchids Armband [TF165-3B]

White Rose and Orchid Corsage [TF174-3B]
Cymbidium Orchid Corsage [TF174-4B]